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A detailed literature review of red alder management in mixedwoods stands Laing, Chris


This literature review is a synthesis of recent publications and developments regarding the growing acceptance and potential of Alnus rubra (Bong) commonly called red alder. The project summarized some of the concerns and benefits of including red alder in coastal forest mixedwood management strategies. Some of the concerns include overtopping of conifers and competition for light. Some benefits include increases to site productivity, biodiversity, forest health and diversification of the coastal forest industry. It also examined past and current industry and government policies towards alder in mixedwood management and recent changes in some of these policies including the just released “Hardwood Management in the Coast Forest Region” policy paper. There is now recognition of the importance of alder management and there is a framework in place for patch mixedwood management in coastal BC. But before intimate mixedwood strategies are accepted and used operationally, further research and trials are required. There needs to be a better understanding of both the competetitive and beneficial effects of red alder in mixture with conifers for complex forests to in order to assist forest managers in making sustainable management decisions.

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