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The Development of Photovoltaic System in Indonesia. Wirasaputra, Vincent


Indonesia is a tropical country that has abundant renewable energy such as geothermal, tidal, wind, solar, and biomass energy because it is located at equator. However, most power plants in Indonesia are still dependent on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Today, Indonesia has made a treaty with other countries to use renewable energy not only to decrease the pollution but also to increase the demand electricity on remote islands. This allows inhabitants to use the electricity anytime they want. This report presents the investigation of the development of photovoltaic system in Indonesia by discussing the general operation of photovoltaic system, the solar projects installed in Indonesia, and the impacts of photovoltaic system. At the end, photovoltaic system can bring benefits to Indonesia in terms of social and environment aspects. The schedule of installation of the system is entirely dependent on the budget of the Indonesian government.

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