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A review on Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and its possible application in North America Xu, Shikai


Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a new building system to North America. Europe is the leading region of applying and manufacturing CLT. European producers stay to a proprietary manufacturing approach as the European (EN) standard is still being developed. This paper provides a general review of the background, process, and performance of CLT. Some case studies of its current applications were summarized. The pros and cons of applying CLT in North America were also discussed. In North America, CLT standard has been developed as a bi-nation standard for both US and Canada. CLT buildings can perform better than the minimum building code requirements in terms of fire and seismic performance. With additional materials, CLT can be in compliance with acoustic and thermal insulation. In recent years, CLT has been picking up its trend in North America, especially in Canada. Current building codes limitations to wood construction and proper product and design standards are the main obstacles preventing CLT’s wide spread in North America. In conclusion, in order to gain market acceptance, changes to the building codes and development of standards are needed.

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