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An analysis of transformable space saving furniture Wang, Shiyao


In most metropolises in the world, people’s average living area is getting smaller and smaller. More and more young people tend to move to large cities for more opportunities and more active life style. However, this phenomenon decreases the average living area gradually. Now in Beijing China, the average living area is only 21 square meters per person. Moreover, high population density leads many other problems such as high gap between rich and poor, high energy cost and house price. These are common problems in metropolis nowadays. Transformable space saving furniture is one of the options to solve these problems. In this report, I will introduce the innovation designs, the hard wares, the application and future development, cost and price, and the important markets of transformable space saving furniture. This report will help people to understand the importance and the potential value of transformable space saving furniture in metropolises.

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