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Wood frame design and construction Li, Junyi


Wood has been discovered as an important construction material since prehistoric time. As time goes, the technology of wood frame construction is developed. Today, it is widely used in many North American and European countries. Wood is a much more sustainable construction material than steel or concrete. During its production, less green house gases are produced. Wood is also a very durable material. Some old wood frame buildings are still used. History has proved the durability and strength of wood structures. In the recent days, in order to achieve stronger and more durable building structures, wooden building components production technology and wood framing technology are further developed. As a result of these developments, I-joists, metal plate connected wood trusses, structural composite lumber, platform framing and plank and beam framing are widely applied in either individual house construction or heavy industrial construction. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed explanation of how wood can be a good material for building homes. This paper introduces the methods of moisture and termite protection for wood material, wood and concrete foundation construction, as well as the different types of wood frame constructions and construction processing details. This paper may help to open markets by changing the mind of people who are not used building home with wood to accept wood frame building.

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