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A process evaluation and cost benefit analysis investigating the implementation of CNC based manufacturing for the production of solid wood doors at Unison Windows and Doors Marshall, Jody


Unison Windows and Doors is a company located on the North Shore of Vancouver which specializes in the manufacturing of solid wood windows and doors. Their current door manufacturing process involves the use of conventional machinery such as table saws, planers and shapers to craft each piece required for door assembly. An opportunity has been identified to optimize the existing manufacturing process by the implementation of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining to automate the door production process. The proposed CNC router will function to produce the various components required for door assembly. This paper will compare the current manufacturing process with a new proposed process. In addition, it will identify requirements for the implementation of the CNC router including the tools required to perform the machining, the methods of orientating the pre-machined components on the CNC's table, and time estimates of the new processes. A cost benefit analysis of purchasing the CNC machine will be conducted using three popular engineering economic models. A discussion of the current market trends and forecasts for the future growth or decline of the market will be outlined. The advantages and disadvantages of the new process will be explored, and a specific model of CNC router will be suggested.

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