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Financial analysis of TimberWest Forest Corp. in comparison with the industry and major competitors Cheung, Wayne


TimberWest Forest Corp. is the largest timber and land management company in Western Canada. Still recovering from the huge housing recession in the US since 2008, the company is struggling with performance issues which ultimately lead to a degree of financial crisis and trust issues from both shareholders and debtors. With a recent money raising campaign in 2008, the company had raised nearly 60 million dollars from existed and additional shareholders to improve their financial condition and debt management. The management team will have to fully investigate the company’s operating efficiency, profitability and current financial position to determine the use of the new capital. In this report, financial analysis of the company’s operation will be conducted to determine the company’s efficiency and profitability in comparison with the industry index values. Study tools such as company profile, key factors, financial statements and financial ratios will be discussed. The results will provide accurate information of the company’s position in the forestry industry as well as the company’s competitiveness against other major corporations in the industry. The report will also suggest recommendations for TimberWest Forest Corp. towards improving their current operation.

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