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A critical analysis of investing in a CNC router for a local cabinet manufacturer Yang, Yuanyan


As the competition of the cabinetry industry becomes more and more intense, improving the efficiency of production, reducing the cost and increase the quality of products are increasingly important for companies to defend the market share and remain the competitive statues in the industry. The implementation of fully automatic CNC router is one effective way to deal with the current challenges. Although CNC routers require relatively higher capital investment, they can increase the accuracy, productivity, flexibility and simplicity of the production significantly. In reality, these factors are all keys to success for the cabinetry companies. Nickels Cabinets is one example that shows the change of the manufacturing method. Its outstanding performance in the industry proves that the automatic operating system is the future trend in the secondary wood industry. According to the cost analysis, we can see the present worth of the total cost of investing and operating a CNC router for ten years.

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