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Effective maintenance management should be a component of BC‟s changing value-added wood industry Edwards, Vanessa


British Columbia’s value-added wood industry is in a period of development due to the actions of government, research facilities, and industry. This sector is an important component of a diverse forestry industry and in particular is an important way of developing economic stability in rural forestry based communities. The majority of BC’s value-added sector is composed of small to medium sized businesses, which in theory have less specialization of human resources and knowledge gaps because of this. Effective maintenance management is a tool that these manufacturers could be utilizing to develop their industry position and global competitiveness. Groups that are driving the development of the industry should include maintenance management in their goals and discussions of quality improvement, business strategy and marketing development. To approach this topic, research was completed into the background of the value-added wood industry, a literature review of maintenance management strategies was completed and a manufacturer was interviewed.

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