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Wood marketing opportunities in Japan Watai, Kengo Albert


1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The following is a summary of the key points that are discussed in each section of the report. 1.1 JAPANESE MARKET TRENDS The Japanese market is currently heavily affected by the demographic factors that control both the current shift in home construction style and the future demand with respect to green movements. Currently the CASBEE-Sumai and the Woodmile Forum is gaining recognition with their Woodmile index. 1.2 REGULATION TRENDS The homes in Japan have seen heavy building code revamps with respect to earthquake resistance engineering and are opening marketing opportunity for home renovation and home improvement industries. 1.3 RESIDENTIAL TRENDS The residential markets are seeing an increased awareness of green movements and are showing major shifts in the desire to have environmentally friendly homes. Many, however, show misunderstandings of wood and shun the use of it, calling it a tropical rainforest destroyer. 1.4 MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES The engineered wood products markets are looking very promising in the Japanese housing markets, since the need for larger homes have made demands that are impossible with the current lumber usage. Also the chance for 2x4 markets to gain market share has been on the rise. Finally the regulatory bodies in Japan should reconsider the use of the Woodmile to decide on the environmental friendliness of wood before cannibalization occurs in the wood markets between domestic and imported wood. This essay is directed for those who seek marketing opportunities in Japan or are seeking for knowledge regarding current green movement in the forestry sector in Japan. It is assumed that the readers of this paper have some knowledge of engineered wood products, green regulations, and general knowledge of the forestry industry.

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