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The Feasibility of a Wood Pellet Plant Using Alternate Sources of Wood Fibre Blom, Garrett


This Thesis will evaluate the feasibility of building and operating a pellet plant in interior British Columbia. This thesis will examine the economic demand for wood pellets in different regions of the world. It will also identify the current Canadian supply and production of wood pellets. The thesis considers the capital costs associated with the building of a pellet plant as well as the machine capital costs. The variable costs associated with a pellet plant are examined in this thesis, with an emphasis on the costs associated with obtaining different wood fibre sources. Transportation and drying costs are also taken into consideration with regards to variable costs. In the analysis of data five different scenarios are calculated to identify the feasibility of using different fibre sources to operate a pellet plant. Recommendations based from these scenarios demonstrate the feasibility of operating and building a pellet plant in interior British Columbia.

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