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Photonuclear Sum Rules for 6He. Goerke, Raymond


We perform the ab-initio calculation of photonuclear sum rules for 4He and 6He using semi-realistic potentials. Our results include the first ab-initio calculation of the electric polarizabililty of 6He. We perform the calculation by expanding the the wavefunctions in a Hyperspherical Harmonic basis and solving the Schr¨odinger equation exactly. Model space trunction effects are estimated by incrementing the size of the Hilbert space, and evaluating the convergence pattern. We also compute sum rules by integrating the theoretically computed cross section available from the literature. Full convergence is not yet achieved. A discussion of the preliminary results is presented. Future work, taking advantage of negligible symmetries in the hyperspherical harmonic basis, should be able to achieve full convergence.

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