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The Two-Body Universal Energy Spectrum of Interacting Ultracold Atoms Near Feshbach Resonances Han, Alex C.


In this undergraduate thesis, we discuss the two-body quantum mechanical problem of two ultra- cold bosonic atoms at low energy limit, interacting through a square potential with and without an external confinement. The two-body s-wave scattering length is introduced in terms of the radial wavefunction. In free space with no confinement, the interaction-scattering length relation is calculated and compared in 3- and 1-dimensions; we show the recurring resonance regions where the scattering length diverges and the existence of dimer bound state with positively large scattering length. Lastly, in the case of a 3-dimensional isotropic harmonic confinement, again under the ultracold limit, we obtain the universal (s-state) energy spectrum of the two atoms in terms of the scattering length.

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