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Applications of the Wavelet Transform to B Mixing Analysis Cadien, Adam Samuel


Abstract The neutral B mesons B0 and B0s can under go flavor changing oscillations due to interactions by the weak force. Experiments which measure the frequency of these state transitions produce extremely noisy results that are difficult to analyse. A method for extracting the frequency of B mesons oscillations using the continuous wavelet transform is developed here. In this paper the physics of B meson mixing is related, leading to the derivation of a function describing the expected amount of mixing present in B0 and B0s meson decays. This result is then used to develop a new method for analysing the underlying frequency of oscillation in B mixing. An introduction to wavelet theory is provided in addition to details on interpreting daughter wavelet coefficient diagrams. Finally, the effectiveness of the analysis technique produced, referred to as the Template Fitting Method, is investigated through an application to data generated using Monte Carlo methods.

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