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Bringing a standards of practice lens to minimize Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) in Vancouver Coastal Health Crosby, Lisa; Mok, Carmen


The goal of this project was to enhance the application of Bestpractice guidelines and the CRNBC Standards of Practice (assessment, documentation, communication, and advocacy) to reduce the incidence of CAUTI. We conducted a literature search to explore available resources, and we found extensive research on Best-practice guidelines for CAUTI, but there was a lack of existing evidence that explored the relationship between the Standards and CAUTI reduction. The main outcome of our project, was the development of a storyboard that will be converted to an online Course Catalogue Registration Module (CCRS) module. The storyboard provides the user with the opportunity to work through a patient case scenario, applying both Best-practice and the Standards when learning about CAUTI reduction.

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