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An Examination of the Writings Of Brébeuf, Le Jeune, and Le Moyne in the Jesuit Relations; 1632-1659 Gregoire, Tasha


The role of missionaries from the Society of Jesus was to travel the world to convert people to Catholicism. Jesuits were extensively trained at the society’s universities in preparation for missions. In 1632, missionaries were formally invited into New France. This thesis examines the writings of three Jesuit missionaries: Fathers Jean de Brébeuf, Paul Le Jeune, and Simon Le Moyne. Reports of the work that they did appeared in the Jesuit Relations. Through their entries in the Relations we learn that they adjusted the application of the training they received at the universities in France, modifying these according to the nature of their interactions with the Huron and Iroquois. The methods these Jesuits employed to convert indigenous people changed over the course of the missionary period. A close examination of topics such as illness, beliefs, conflict, politics, and interactions with indigenous peoples all had an effect on how these missionaries attempted to convert First Nations to Catholicism.

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