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A people accustomed to triumph : the popularity of war in England, 1337-1399 Ingram, James


This study examines war enthusiasm as a cultural and social phenomenon in England during the first half of the Hundred Years’ War, during the reigns of Edward III and Richard II. It deals with questions of how war ardour was shaped at all levels of society; how it was shaped by developments abroad and the active efforts to promote it at home. I have attempted to illustrate both individual and collective experiences of fighting men and the perceptions of those who commented on popular attitudes to war. My study addresses how war materially appealed to the English and seeks to tease out the subtler nuances of what moved them to wage war and support the cause of the king. I discuss this in the backdrop of the changing fortunes of the war, and examine how it materially and mentally affected people at all social levels from the monarchy to the peasantry.

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