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The American New Left and Its New Media Sherman, Jake Noah


Between 1963 and 1975, young Americans harnessed the power of communication systems to subvert the society about them. Using a theoretical framework that draws on the insights of Wiener, Innes, Youngblood, and McLuhan, I argue that confronted by a host of social ills, countercultural media production in combination with shifting perceptions of technologies pedagogical applications helped to foment the countercultural revolution in the US. First, through an analysis of the Los Angeles Free Press, Fifth Estate, Liberation News Service, and KSAN-FM, this thesis seeks to understand the genesis of the alternative revolutionary communications complex in the U.S.A during the long 1960s. Next, it connects the radical pedagogical movements of the epoch, with a focus on the S.D.S “New School,” with the radical filmmaking practices of the Newsreel filmmaking collective and Emile De Antonio.

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