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Not With a Bang but a Whimper: Nixonian Foreign Policy and the Changing Canadian American Relationship Schwarz, Robyn


An examination of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy and the way it contributed to changing the Canadian-American relationship from 1969-1974. Nixon’s administration redirected U.S. foreign policy, as outlined in the Nixon Doctrine, to address American interests under the influence of the Vietnam War. In doing so, the Nixon administration ignored issues linked to Canada such as trade and economics. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was also repositioning Canada’s international priorities during this period. The Nixon Economic Shock created a gap between the two countries. Canadians felt betrayed by the American decision to impose an import surcharge on their goods. Looking at documented meetings of the two leaders also reveals that both men did not cooperate well with one another. The Canadian-American relationship was permanently altered during this period because of a combination of these different factors.

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