UBC Undergraduate Research

Changing the business paradigm : regional strategies for transitioning small enterprises to the circular economy Pechlaner-Kruk, Selina


This project was guided by the research question: What policies can Metro Vancouver put in place to support small and medium businesses transitioning to the circular economy? In order to establish solutions I approached the question: What barriers are preventing small and medium businesses from adopting circular economy systems? Based on the participants and the large difference in size (1-99 and 100-499) employees this study was further narrowed to small businesses. Data came from site visits to waste and resource sharing collectives, interviews with sustainability and business experts, previous work implementing collective zero waste initiatives by the researcher, and survey feedback from businesses across North America. As a result of my findings, I recommend that Metro Vancouver develops a strong definition of the circular economy that encompasses the role of the service sector before creating new policies for the circular economy. Business need to be engaged from the onset to provide input into any new policy in order to ensure that any policy created based on the existing product based research does not negatively impact the majority of small business.

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