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Small business, big impact : encouraging small business in Canada : compostable products/packaging case study Creighton, Emily


Small businesses contribute substantially to the Canadian economy, and it is therefore essential that these businesses continue to start, grow and prosper in order for the Canadian economy to do the same. This report examines a few of the ways that small firms can be encouraged to start and supported in their endeavors by the Canadian government. Interviews with several small companies in the compostable product/packaging industry inform its recommendations. Given that the drivers of and barriers to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country often depend on industry, some of the recommendations coming out of this report are specific to the compostable product/packaging industry. These are: -- To perform further research into the possibility of better harmonizing composting certification standards and regional waste management systems, as harmonization would grow the market for compostable products/packaging significantly; -- To consider a new eco-certification to set apart products and packaging that are proven compostable in the environment or in local industrial facilities (under real conditions) -- To improve marketing standards Other recommendations apply more broadly to eco-product innovators in general. This project finds that eco-product innovative small businesses can be encouraged to start and better supported in two ways: -- By improving access to financing -- By improving access to collaboration with research institutions and universities The final recommendation will simplify small business operation across many industries. That is: -- To continue to simplify and streamline interactions with federal regulatory agencies, especially through continuing to improve the service culture

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