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A Full Circle Farm initiative : Powell River, British Columbia Stansfield, Leigh


The Full Circle Farm (FCF) proposed for Powell River, British Columbia, is an initiative by the Society for the Advancement of Local Sustainable Agriculture (SALSA), an organization that emerged from the Powell River Farmers Institute, to grow the region’s agricultural industry and to encourage local organic consumption. Though the FCF has the potential to provide the community with many benefits, it is not without resistance, especially from several local farmers as well as the Powell River Agricultural Association. Thus it has been deemed prudent for this report to investigate strategies to promote public support for the project, and to encourage participation with its various initiatives and programs. Through a comprehensive literature and case study review, focused around four key research questions, this report presents a set of recommendations. These are divided between those directed at local farmers and those directed at the general public, however there are many commonalities: - Consumer education and inclusion - Sustainable norm creation through extensive branding and marketing - Addressing the positive income effect for organic consumption by creating greater accessibility to the FCF’s products and programs - Transparency and accountability

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