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Promoting sustainable behaviour change in an older building : towards a more energy efficient future Demmers, Stephanie


This report provides an analysis and evaluation of effective communication strategies in promoting sustainable behaviour and the best places to implement them, specifically in regards to energy efficiency, in an older building: the UBC Geography building. Methods of analysis in this report include case studies and literature review which address communications strategies, minor retrofitting options, the installation of passive infrared (PIR) sensors and implementation costs. The results of the literature analysed shows that the best way to approach the promotion of sustainable behaviour is a combination of communication strategies with minor retrofitting and PIR sensors. This, therefore, is the recommendation to the Geography Sustainability Committee in order to see the biggest reduction in energy efficiency consumption within the department. Install PIR sensors that detect body heat and turn off or turn down heating and lighting systems based on occupancy. Minor retrofitting options: daylight harvesting blinds, double pane windows, minimisation of drafty-ness under around door and window frames This report has data limitations when it comes to cost analyses, especially without being guided by any economic limit. So to address this, the report looks at providing the most economically friendly options for retrofitting and a PIR cost analysis provided by Energex Inc.

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