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Increasing community engagement and connectivity : the UBC Farm and Wesbrook Place Brenman, Eliza


This paper answers the question: what can the UBC Farm do to increase the connections between itself and Wesbrook Place? The paper utilizes demographic information, surveys, and research into what other organizations are currently doing in order to answer this question. As a starting place, this paper recommends that the UBC Farm increase its communication with its surrounding neighbours so that the general public knows about the range of current programming offered by the Farm. Including increasing the quantity and quality of communication with the public, this paper offers the following recommendations to the UBC Farm: • Communicate effectively with residents and current users, including - Connecting with local newsletters and websites - Contacting the local businesses of Wesbrook Village - Investing in better signage - and creating a physical presence in Wesbrook Place through demonstration gardens • Create community appropriate programming, and • Invite residents in - New Farm Centre: including dedicated community space (ex: playground) - Advertising that the Farm is open to the public: seasons and hours of operation

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