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What are the management practices and treatments for the removal of iron and manganese from ‘dewatered’ water at construction sites in the Lower Mainland? Lee, Martha


This paper divides management practices issue into: 1) Treatments for removing iron and manganese and 2) Practices for disposal of iron and manganese. After evaluation, two recommendations are made for removal treatments: 1) Aeration, and 2) Greensand filtration. Aeration is a removal technique that uses atmospheric oxygen and greensand filtration is removal using oxidizing filtration media. For disposal, it is recommended to use irrigation, the watering of vegetated areas. For a more effective outcome, these processes may be used in combination. This paper aims to provide Dillon Consulting with options for management practices for the discharging of groundwater with high concentrations of naturally occurring iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) from construction sites. This groundwater is accumulated through ‘dewatering’, the process of extracting groundwater from the soil. Recommendations will be efficient and economically feasible while meeting water quality standards, with particular focus on Richmond. While there are a number of best management practices dealing with ‘dewatered’ water, not all are suitable for Metro Vancouver construction sites. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the available practices for the Metro Vancouver context.

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