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Electric cars and the city of Vancouver Collins, Paul


Electric vehicles are beneficial from an ecological, economic, and social standpoint because they produce no greenhouse gas emissions from there use, the reduce noise pollution, and they reduce reliance on fossil fuel resources which are becoming increasingly expensive. Through research of scholarly sources, technical reports, and a survey of electric vehicle users in Vancouver, this study finds that existing battery electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi iMiEV have ranges that exceed the majority of user trips with little to no adjustments in driving behavior. These vehicles also are typically parked for long enough periods of time that would allow for, at least, a partial recharge thus expanding the range of these vehicles. The City of Vancouver should continue to implement charging stations but at a wider variety of locations to allow for a broader charging network. The City of Vancouver should also make education about electric vehicles and their range a priority in attempt to alleviate the stress related to range limitations on electric vehicles. Further partnerships with Metro Vancouver municipalities will also provide a broader charging network and thus increased range and mobility for electric vehicles and their users.

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