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Limited leadership and innovation : evaluating the FRPA approach to forest management Kozak, Laura


The Forest and Range Practices act was introduced in 2004 as a new framework for the forest industry in British Columbia. The act was a response to industry’s push for regulatory reform which addressed the overly prescriptive state of the industry prior. The new legislation pledged to encourage innovation and creativity among forest professionals allowing for individuality to be expressed in presented plans while satisfying overarching government objectives through achieved results. In 2011 a study was carried out which examined the capacity to which the new act was inspiring creativity through the evaluation of forest stewardship plans (FSP) and found limited demonstration of innovation. This study evaluating the second round of FSP submissions effectively eliminated the place of blame on time-sensitivity due to policy adoption lag and the state of the economy as excuses and thereby allows for a justified review of the use of the results based regime and its limitations in the context of forest policy. Other factors that have come to light which require addressing include the influence of district manager approval, risk and liability, public perception and cost and complexity of regulation.

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