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Somatic embryogenesis of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) and subalpine larch (Larix lyallii.) for conservation purposes Toon, Sandra M.


This study was initiated with the aim of establishing somatic embryogenesis culture from lodgepole pine (for clonal propagation of superior genotypes with mountain pine beetle resistant genotypes) and subalpine larch (for conservation purposes), both of which have never been attempted prior. Cones were collected on Mt Frosty, Manning Provincial Park for larch and from Vernon Ministry of Forestry orchard (307) for lodgepole pine. Optimum stage of cone maturity for initiation success was tested by 4 collections, made at 1 week intervals for lodgepole pine and 3 collections made at 2 week intervals for subalpine larch. Three media were compared: modified Litvay medium, as standard and low and DCR. Pro-embryonal mass (PEM) from lodgepole pine developed as early as 4 weeks, which is twice as fast when compared to subalpine larch (8 weeks). Desired cone maturity was present in lodgepole pine collections 3 and 4, but never present for subalpine larch. In conclusion, no embryogenic tissue was obtained from either species.

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