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First Nations Woodlands Licence : reviewing the effectiveness of aboriginal-based forest tenure for BC First Nations Goddard, Montana


After years of being refused recognition from the federal and provincial governments of Canada, First Nations are now playing a prominent role in the forest industry. Nearly most of the land in British Columbia remains unceded territory, and continues to create a challenge for statutory decision-makers. This paper will focus on one of the newest forms of forest tenure in BC known as a First Nations Woodland Licence. Using four main principles specific to Aboriginal values, this paper is able to determine that the FNWL can be effective in meeting culturally-specific criteria while continuing to sustain provincial agendas. These four main principles include: fair and effective decision-making, social sustainability, economic sustainability, and increased management effectiveness. While the FNWL is still in the early stages of determining outcomes, this paper is able to review the effectiveness based on current policies and First Nations roundtable recommendations.

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