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Coastal BC stumpage : an in-depth explanation of the BC coastal stumpage determination process Yano, Jordan


The stumpage system in British Columbia is broken into two different appraisal systems, one for the coast region and one for the interior. The current coastal appraisal system causes confusion within the industry and usually results in the need for an expert to handle all of the stumpage compilation needs for a company, and another person to calculate a rate on behalf of the Provincial Government. This discussion paper looks at the coastal appraisal system for areas held by licensees and by the BC Timber Sales system, and how the system calculates a final stumpage rate for both. By rearranging the equations used by the appraisal process, it has been determined that the final rate is highly variable depending on microsite conditions, and therefore the system should be critically examined and refined by the governing body. Two such modifications are briefly examined; one using a straight taxation system and the other examines the use of an escrow account, which licensees can withdraw from for required silviculture treatments.

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