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Accessing the effects of three spatial aggregation levels of harvest blocks design on individuals' perceptions of scenic beauty Zhong, Ziyan


Forest engineers and planners have used a variety of techniques to mitigate the visible effects of harvesting in visually sensitive areas. However, less empirical research and investigation have been conducted on spatial cues, for example, spatial aggregation level. I conducted a pilot study to investigate the perceptual effects of three different cutblock spatial aggregation levels (High, Medium, and Low). Thirty photo-realistic images were rendered of a forest landscape scene with three different aggregation levels. These scenes were rated by 74 individuals. There was no significant difference across three different spatial aggregation levels in terms of landscape scenic beauty ratings. Nevertheless, two major constructive findings are concluded. More differences are expected to be perceived by individuals on a given landscape with relatively larger scale clearcut and poorly designed cutlbocks. Colour contrast presented a significant influence on individuals’ ratings across three different levels as well. Finally, some improvements for online survey design are suggested.

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