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Review of China's forest CoC certification system against its illegal logging and trade Xu, Jinheng


Illegal logging and trade have attracted broad attention internationally these years. The unlawful harvesting and business activities including logging without tenures, cutting in unpermitted sites, importing illegal timber, tax evasion, etc. cause environmental damage and dramatic social and economic losses globally. To curb illegal logging and relative trade, third party forest certification and Chain of Custody (CoC) are introduced to the world as two available tools. China also enrolled in this combat against illegal logging and trade with its abundant forest resources and frequent illegal cutting and trade behaviors. Since China’s own forest CoC certification scheme achieves endorsement of the largest forest certification organization over the world named PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), China is experiencing great challenges and opportunities to benefit from this global certification trend. A review of the status quo of global illegal logging and trade, the development and regulation of the world’s certification schemes, and China’s efforts into forest CoC certification will be discussed in the essay.

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