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Limitations of the Community Forest Agreement as a framework for community foresty in British Columbia Arrieta, Pamela Matute


Recent decades have seen a growing interest in community forestry as a way to bridge the transition from a sustained yield paradigm into sustainable forest management. In light of this, community forest agreements (CFAs) were created to offer a tenure option that facilitates the implementation of community forestry province-wide. While this is a step in the right direction and a more adequate arrangement than existing industrial forms of tenure, it is doubtful that this tenure in its current form can fully serve the objectives that it was originally meant to fulfill. CFA holders report a variety of challenges, many of which stem from the CFA tenure structure. Key shortcomings reported across the board include lack of control over non-timber resources, lack of strategic decision-making power and small economies of scale. Any sincere efforts to expand the community forest program require that these limitations be addressed through more appropriate tenure arrangements.

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