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The present status and prospects of forestry carbon sequestration in China Wang, Xukun


Climate change is a threat to the Earth’s ecological environment, deeply impacting on the politics, economics and societies of all countries. After decades of discussion, some basic consensuses have been reached. Most of countries are committed to tackling climate change. Forestry carbon sequestration offers a solution for many of these countries. China has been richly endowed with land and has huge potential to develop a forestry carbon sequestration industry. This paper provides a review of China’s primary policies in regulating forestry carbon projects and its carbon market, the current status of Chinese forestry carbon projects, and China’s position in global carbon negotiations. This paper also provides a summary of key issues to establishing forestry carbon projects in China, which include common problems, like forest tenure system and baseline determination. Possible solutions are given, but further research and pilot projects are still necessary. Although forestry carbon sequestration is in its starting stage in China, China has endeavored to improve its mechanisms and has the potential of a brilliant future in this industry.

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