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The viability of China’s wood furniture industry Lee, Dickson


The following paper will discuss the viability of China’s wood furniture industry. Though out the paper, the paper will discussed why China is becoming so successful in the industry, what factors will affect the viability of the wood furniture industry and what challenges China is current facing. China is currently more open to international trading than ever before. While China is becoming the biggest exporters of wood furniture in the world they have suffered a few setbacks. Setbacks from upcoming competition from developing countries like Brazil and Vietnam, export tariffs placed by United States, United States’ recent economic crisis and increase in the cost of raw material and skilled labour. Despite these setbacks, there are evidences that China is recovering and will continue to upscale their wood furniture products to higher end products. China is also being accused of over relying on trading with United States. There is also evidence that they are starting to trade their wood furniture to other countries but it may be a slow and difficult process. Lastly, there are pressure from other countries and environmental groups that China is not practicing sustainably logging practices. In response, China has goals set up by the State Forest Administration to become more environmentally constructive. With the ability to adapt and the amount of money invested into the wood furniture industry, the industry will be viable for a very long time.

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