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China’s export of wooden furniture of a kind used in offices (HS Codes: 940330) Chen, Yanyan


This is a literature research on the present status of China's exports of Wooden Furniture of a kind used in offices, as well as some major opportunities and challenges that are about to influence its future development. Based on the survey, the world trade of office wooden furniture has presented a positive trend when the whole market of wooden furniture is shrinking. This has granted China-the most significant exporter of wooden products in the world, a great chance to lift its position in global trade. Nevertheless, neither global circumstances nor domestic environment of wood office furniture market is perfect. China is under a situation where profound industrial structural readjustment for office wooden furniture industry is urgent, for the purpose of sustaining China's position in this world market. This article will also give an overview of wood office furniture market, which is very closely tied to the overview of the entire wood furniture industry.

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