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The effect of freight trains on air pollution in the British Columbia Lower Mainland Giacchetto, Maruska; Jiang, Vivian (XiuXiu); McDougall, Kelsey; Phaisaltantiwongs, Mina


On August 21st 2014, Port Metro Vancouver approved an increase of US thermal coal train traffic along the BNSF rail line enroute to Fraser Surrey Docks. As a result of the anticipated increase in U.S. thermal coal trains, health concerns have been expressed by our community partner, Communities and Coal, a group of citizens in the communities surrounding the BNSF rail line (Delta, White Rock, Crescent Beach and Surrey). Air quality data obtained from Kevin Akaoka, a UBC graduate student, was collected. Data was collected by measuring particulate matter concentrations at two different sites (John Oliver Park and White Rock) using a GRIMM Model 1.108 Aerosol Spectrometer. The results show that trains are not the major source of particulate matter in these regions, in comparison to all sources.

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