UBC Undergraduate Research

Waste solutions for Metro Vancouver Lam, Clement; MacDonald, Jessica; Ho, Anthony; Lai, Joseph; Dean, Monika; Sim, Nari; Lu, Nan


Metro Vancouver presently generates about 3.4 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per year. As Metro Vancouver’s population continues to increase, it is predicted that more MSW will be produced (GVRD, 2004). Waste management technologies cause a wide range of consequences, including the release of pollutants which can be damaging to human health and to the environment. These include greenhouse gases (GHGs), dioxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The purpose of this study is to determine the best waste management strategy for the Metro Vancouver area taking into consideration the facilities that are already in place, economic effects, health effects, and ecological effects. This study is relevant at this time as Metro Vancouver is currently in the process of devising a new solid waste management plan. It is essential that we are able to determine the best approach in which to treat our waste environmentally, while still remaining conscious of the health of our population and the restrictions due to existing infrastructure. Contact author: Jessica MacDonald jessica.macdonald88@gmail.com

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