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Front-wheel removable electric bicycle motor Wang, Tao


The Front-Wheel Removable Electric Bicycle Motor project is aimed towards building a removable all-in-one unit for a friction-drive system containing the battery, motor and the motor controller for the front wheel of a bicycle, and this will be a universal motor package for all regular bicycles. To achieve this goal I designed a firm frame on which could hold both the motor and the battery. In this design, the bicycle could have a speed of 20km/h and the maximum power output of 200W, which basically achieved the requirements of 25km/h and 200W provided by sponsor. With 4 batteries, this device could last 1 hour. During this project, three different designs were designed, manufactured and tested in real situation. After two failures, I built a working prototype, and then I started working on the special requirements of speed and power. The final deliverable includes a working prototype that could be easily mounted on the front fork of the bicycle, and a final report that will indicate every detail in this design.

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