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LEGO prototype of the LineScout robot Ding, Sean; Been, Daniel; Dendandome, Sartsawat


This report outlines the construction of a replica of the LineScout robot. The LineScout is a remotely operated live‐line inspection and maintenance robot for high‐power electrical transmission lines developed by the Institut de Recherche d'Hydro‐Québec in conjunction with BC‐Hydro. The project sponsor, Dr. Janos Toth of BC‐Hydro, desires a scale model that emulates the basic functions of the LineScout Robot for demonstration purposes. We construct such a replica, primarily using commercially available LEGO construction parts, based on the design done in LEGO Digital Designer by Shawn Crockett over the past summer as part of his co‐op work at BC‐Hydro. The prototype is remotely controlled by an operator, be able to move along a rope or cable, and cross obstacles in its path. The prototype consists of two frames that can translate laterally relative to each other. One frame includes the drive wheels that move the robot along the line, while the other has two grippers that can hold the robot in place when the wheels are not in contact with the line. During an obstacle crossing, the grippers will grip the line on either side of an obstacle, and the wheels will be rotated away from the line, and moved to the other side of the obstacle. The grippers then release to allow the robot to move on. The result performance of the LEGO LineScout is not robust due to the fact that the LEGO pieces deform when under load. An improvement can be seen the most when the wheel frame can be tilted forward more.

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