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Swimming cueing interface device Leung, Arthur; Yang, Yang; Zverev, Ivan


The goal of this project is to develop a wearable and waterproof device that enables a blind or visually impaired swimmer to swim laps in a swimming pool lane. The project aimed to provide a small and lightweight device that would not interfere with regular swimming strokes while providing the user with detailed instructions. This project serves to advance the current model of communications with visually impaired swimmers, which consists of tapping the swimmer with a soft-ended stick. This device will allow the user to be more autonomous, and use lanes that are not separated from the rest of the pool. To accomplish this goal, we have designed a waterproof device with wireless communications which will send directions to the user through haptic and audio cues. A. NET C# framework is provided for host-side control and signal interaction with the swimmer device, which is handed over to the project sponsor along with an SDK to allow for easy development and system expansion. The project allows for further research to be done regarding the effectiveness of audio and haptic cues, and to identifying the best mix of such cues. The team has aimed to use out of the box parts and solutions wherever possible. The resources for these devices were provided by the project sponsor and the Project Lab, and will be returned to the providers at the end of the project. Additionally, electrical measuring equipment, breadboards and PCB milling machines from the project lab were used. Because of time constraints, we were not able to perform adequate testing of the competed device before this report was completed. An addendum report will be submitted on January 17, 2011 which will include data from dry and wet tests of the completed device, as well as tests in a swimming pool. Additional information will also be included in the Addendum report, such as photographs of the device and PCB, and any changes to the device that may be made during or after the tests.

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