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Geochemical and hydrogeological characterization of the Norman Point/Ford Cove groundwater regime on Hornby Island, British Columbia Dyck, Michaela Nicole


The Heron Rocks Camping Co-operative on Hornby Island, British Columbia is experiencing groundwater quality issues related to salinity. Water samples, down-well logs, and water level data were collected to characterize the groundwater regime in the area. Groundwater sampled from HRCC has elevated conductivity values, high sodium concentrations, and a basic pH as a result of the naturally occurring cation exchange reactions in the bedrock. Groundwater geochemical compositions are tied closely with the geology of the bedrock, in that mudstones facilitate cation exchange and sandstones do not. Options for rehabilitation are evaluated as well as seeking alternative water sources. It is suggested that increasing water storage for a pre-existing well as well as rainwater collection be considered as alternative water sources for this property.

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