UBC Undergraduate Research

Slope Stability Analysis of Fly Ash Containment Dyke Brisbin, Aaron


This study was conducted in order to assess the existing stability of an impoundment dyke and provide analysis for long term stability, following construction of a buttress. Engineering analysis were conducted using three computer modeling programs: SEEP/ W, SLIOPE/ W and Settle 3D. Initially the study consisted of modeling seepage and induced pore water conditions through the Dyke using SEEP/ W and Settle 3D. The analysis results were then incorporated into a SLOPE/ W model, which was used to analyze the slope stability at various stages of Buttress Construction. The results of this study concluded that the construction sequence required for the Buttress structure would temporarily lower the stability of the Dyke, but that the Dyke would remain structurally sound. Furthermore, the construction of the Buttress would significantly increase the, post construction, long-term stability of the Dyke.

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