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Investigation of Liquid Limit of Kamloops Silt by Soft-base Casagrande Apparatus and British Drop-Cone Penetrometer Lu, Alan Zhong


This study was to investigate the liquid limit of Kamloops silt using two world-wide popular testing apparatus: Casagrande device and British style Drop-Cone penetrometer. The testing with Casagrande device was conducted by a group of soil mechanics students in accordance with ASTM D423-61T (1961); the testing with British style Drop-Cone penetrometer was performed by two senior undergraduate engineering students in accordance with BS 1377 (1975). The liquid limit of Kamloops silt was found to be approximately 23%. The results obtained by both apparatus agreed to each other quite well, so these two testing methods can be alternative of each other. However, using Drop-Cone penetrometer required less experience of the operator and yielded results more easily and quickly than using Casagrande device. This paper also introduced the concept and the significance of Atterberg Limits, and summarized the development of Casagrande method by Arthur Casagrande and the evolution of Drop-Cone penetrating method.

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