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Schedule Viewer: A Scheduling Tool for UBC Okanagan Administration Orr, Jacob


Schedule Viewer is an add‐in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 developed to assist administrative staff and faculty members in viewing a selected subset of academic schedules, which has not been possible until now. Information on times, professors and locations for classes has always been readily available online, but to make productive use of this data staff members have been forced to manually sift through spreadsheets and compile the data themselves. The Schedule Viewer application allows users to enter search criteria in order to select a group of time blocks (classes, labs, etc.) and have these time blocks displayed in a useful graphical way. Time blocks are displayed as appointments in an Outlook calendar which allows users to easily view the layout of academic schedules in relation to their specific query. In addition to viewing existing schedule information, users can create their own Outlook appointments which are then saved in the database for others to work with. The Schedule Viewer application runs on a three‐tier client‐server architecture. The client portion of the system involves the Outlook add‐in which runs locally on each user’s machine. There are two components to the server architecture. The server application is written in Java and runs on a campus server. The server application communicates directly with each client and provides the link from the client to the database. The database is located on another server on campus and stores time block information including times, dates, and locations. All information stored in the database, which was created specifically for Schedule Viewer, is obtained from the UBC Student Services web site [4] using an HTML screen scraping process.

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