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KelownaGigs: Constructing a Social Publishing Application to Support a Local Music Community Appleby, Geoff


KelownaGigs is a website initially built in 2003 to support Kelowna's local music community, including artists, bands, venues, promoters, and fans. With the previous system all site content had to be validated and inputed manually by a limited number of users with administrative access. This project focused on migrating the site to a social publishing application with the goals of automating as many tasks and processes as possible, and providing each user increased access to manage the content relevant to themselves. The existing content aggregation tools were deemed insufficient for the site's specific needs, and so information extraction techniques were researched in order to implement a custom solution for importing data from remote web sites. Throughout the project access logs and user statistics were kept to monitor changes in user behaviour as site changes were implemented. Additional feedback was solicited from users via surveys available throughout the development period, including questions tailored to their role within the community. Overall the site received positive feedback from users and traffic metrics increased throughout the duration of the project. Administrative effort was also reduced despite the increase in site usage and content.

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