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Segmentation of the Radiation Treatment Field in Dual Portal Images Cutt, Bryce


Conformal radiotherapy involves many treatments and multiple beams of radiation applied to the patient. For conformal radiotherapy the successful detection of the radiation field resulting from a treatment is critical for quality assurance purposes. Errors over multiple treatments can compound resulting in the death of healthy cells while allowing cancerous cells to survive. Often the verification is performed manually by a technician which, across multiple treatments, is very time consuming. However, automated methods have been developed using gradient thresholds to segment the dual portal image for field detection. I present an improvement of the accuracy of the generic gradient threshold technique achieved by incorporating the gradient directional information. I have implemented other segmentations techniques, such as the Fast Marching Method, that propagate a curve based on the properties of the image with the final curve location representing the detected field edge. Though the directional gradient threshold method is often more accurate than previous methods, it is less easily automated; whereas the curve propagation methods are easy to automate, are less computationally intense, and produce more accurate segmentations.

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