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Exploration of Abundance and Co-occurrence of Bryophytes and Lichen on Tree Stumps in Pacific Spirit Park Wilson, Isabel; Read, Tahlia


In this study, we explored the abundance, distribution, and biodiversity of bryophytes and lichen on old-growth tree stumps in south-west Pacific Spirit Park. We measured the percent cover of 11 bryophyte species and total percent cover of lichen on the north, east, south, and west sides of stumps. Although we did not observe a relationship between total bryophyte cover and lichen cover, a moderate positive correlation between bryophyte diversity and lichen cover was found. Total bryophyte cover was significantly greater on the north side of stumps than on the South; however, among individual bryophyte species, only the most common, Leptidozia reptans, was more abundant on the North than on the South. We also investigated relationships between stump height, stump diameter, and bryophyte and lichen cover.

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