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A Python simulation model of the development of multidrug resistant E.coli in an individual host Tosefsky, Kira; Kwon, Woo Joo


The development of multidrug resistant bacteria in response to antibiotic treatment is one of the chief problems facing modern medicine. We sought to investigate the effect of different antibiotic treatment regimens and bacterial population characteristics on the development of the multidrug resistant bacteria in a population under selective pressure from two antibiotics. We built a deterministic compartmental model in Python to simulate an E.coli population under selective pressure from benzylpenicillin and cephaloglycin. Baseline parameters were obtained from the literature. After adjusting six parameters and compiling results after two hours, we found that the final population size of the multidrug resistant strain decreased in response to increased mutation and growth rates and decreased horizontal gene transfer rates, while variations in the other parameters produced more complex trends.

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