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Calibration of a Hall effect gaussmeter and an investigation of its properties Kassam, Jasmyne; Sinclair, Emily


A gaussmeter is constructed using an integrated Hall effect device in order to measure the strengths of magnetic fields. The instrument is calibrated using uniform magnetic fields generated by Helmholtz coils. The data from the calibration is analyzed to determine linearity and sensitivity with respect to the Hall voltage output. The Hall voltage is determined to be linearly proportional to the magnetic field strength in the range of 0.1 mT to 3 mT; however, nonlinearity beyond that range is found to be significant. The sources of nonlinearity are determined to be most likely either material or geometrical. Finally, the sensitivity in the instrument is found to be 5.6 V/T, which is significantly different from the manufactureradvertised sensitivity of 13 V/T. Potential causes for the discrepancy are explained. The implications of all of the above on the effectiveness of the gaussmeter are discussed.

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